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Woman Empowerment Center

W.E. will walk with women as they take the necessary and sometimes untried step towards their desired life goals. The journey towards successful goals can often be frightening and lonely. As an Empowered Woman, we will, each one, reach one, each one, teach one and strengthen the chain of support for all women.

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Woman Empowerment Center


Woman Empowerment Center

Woman Empowered, LLC

Was founded in 2001 by

Madge Mosby and Ingrid Clark.

Woman Empowered is an innovative grassroots support network that was develop to enhance the inherent gifts of all women and their families through the internet and in the community, to include workshops, seminars, peer support networks and informational programs.

WE believes that every Woman has strengths.

Woman Empowered wants to help you discover and develop those strengths.

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